Swimming lessons

Swimming lessons Personal trainer Xfit Training  Mandelieu Cannes Sophia Antipolis Mougins Antibes Grasse Théoule coachingPremium swimming lessons

Premium swimming lessons aims at allowing you to quickly improve, whether for your personal performance or for the simple pleasure of swimming more smoothly.

If you are a triathlete, and swimming is your weak point, our coaching will allow you to make your swimming an asset, rather than your enemy.

Our coaching covers different swimming strokes (crawl stroke, backstroke, breaststroke) and/or with associated techniques – starts and turns.

To accelerate your improvement, you will be systematically filmed from outside the pool, but above all from within the pool, in the water. During each session, you will get real-time computerised feedback to analyse your technique: your hand entering the water, extensions, path of your hand in the water to optimise your push, breathing techniques, eye positioning, work on leg kicks…each point is worked on separately.

After several sessions, you’ll drastically reduce your time and you’ll eliminate all your previous bad swimming habits.

Swimming lessons Personal trainer Xfit Training  Mandelieu Cannes Sophia Antipolis Mougins Antibes Grasse Théoule coachingBelow is a testimony from Sophie, triathlete and athletics champion:

My name is Sophie. I’m 49 and have been jogging for the past 13 years. From time to time I have participated in triathlons, but my weak point is swimming. I am not a naturally born swimmer, so I decided to take classes. As I saw Fred swimming, I asked him to teach me the techniques associated with the crawl, which I have a very hard time with. He said…SURE!

My objective was to be able to swim the crawl stroke during a triathlon, as the breaststroke is not the best technique to use to lower times and improve results.  The goal was to increase my speed as much as possible and finish the triathlon with a better time than last year.

After 6 classes, my improvements were extraordinary. I learned the right techniques, as this is the most important step. My first time results were 27.6 seconds over 20 metres, and now I am down to 18.8 seconds over the same distance. Incredible! I hope to end up with a much better time during my triathlon with an excellent swim result.

My impressions? I finally feel comfortable with the crawl stroke. I don’t really remember how I swam before, and who really cares! Clearly, I learned a lot and progressed throughout my classes, which is great. I love swimming, and in the future I won’t be scared of the swimming stage…

Do I recommend Fred for his swimming classes? Yes, anytime! Not only for the excellent results, but also for his approach. He is an excellent teacher and is very detail oriented. First, he watched me swim, filmed and took videos in the water of how I swam, uploaded them to his computer so we could watch them and correct my technique. And we did this every session. And every session brought more improvements, more corrections, and even more improvements. We worked very hard, and his focus on technique, coordination of movements, and their importance was exemplary. We compared my technique with professional swimmers. And again, as I already said, after only 6 classes I was able to learn to really crawl, and I believe that I can really compete now. Not bad, eh? If you are like me, don’t hesitate to call Fred – you won’t regret it!

For more information, you can contact us as contact@xfittraining.fr or by phone at +33 6 03 02 06 33.