Personal Trainer in Cannes, Mandelieu, Sophia Antipolis…

Because customization is THE solution that allows you to quickly attain your objectives in the most efficient way possible, the Xfit Training Association offers Personal Training with its coach and Personal Trainer Frédéric, who holds a professional diploma (BPJEPS AGFF, D mention) and many CrossFit diplomas. Frederic is as well a Trainer and Exam Judge for future Fitness Trainers. Discover who he is and his story in his internet training site Réussir son BPJEPS.

Whether you want to lose weight, improve your endurance, tone your body, get back in shape, work on your back pain, improve your musculature, learn new movements, improve your performances in other sports, push your limits, reduce your stress, become more flexible and mobile, prepare for an event or competition, contacting a Personal Trainer is THE best way to get there.

You can take advantage of exclusive services so that we can adapt them as close as possible to your needs.

During the first sessions, and then on a regular basis, your coach Frédéric will question you about your motivations and will run a series of tests and measures that will allow you to know exactly where you are. You’ll then work with him to set your expected objectives.

Here is Cynthia‘s feedback, new-zealand chef on a Yacht and client of Xfit Training with the Personal Trainer Frédéric:

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“I recently enlisted Fred as a personal trainer to help me achieve my goal of climbing Mt Kinabalu at the end of the year (in Sabah, East Malaysia, the highest mountain in SE Asia). 

My initial session consisted of measurement taking and body composition analysis that I found quite fascinating. It discloses your muscle mass, water weight, bone density, all information difficult to come by normally, but extremely important in helping you to reach your personal goals. It even gave you your body age! After the measurements came the strength, mobility and cardio tests. These gave Fred more of an understanding of my fitness levels, weaknesses and strengths. He was, therefore, able to give me a more personalised training session as he had all the relevant information to work with.

As a client, it gave me confidence that all the tests and measurements gave him a good basis for setting and pushing a training programme to achieve my goal. I found it very motivating when, after a month or so, the results of remeasurements are calculated and show encouraging trends. I highly recommend using Fred and I am thoroughly enjoying all his sessions, even when I am gasping for air…”

Lory Personal Trainer Fitness Xfit Training CrossFit Mandelieu Cannes Sophia Antipolis Weight loss muscle strengthening performance monitoring Cross coachingHere is the feedback of Lory, a Mexican Mum living in Switzerland, addicted to CrossFit style workouts, who knows what she wants and who give herself the means:

“My name is Lory. I am a mother of three children ages 7, 9 and 11.  I started working out with CrossFit related work outs three years ago and grew addicted to this kind of work out.
On holiday, I always find it difficult to find a place to work out regularly.
It was wonderful to have found Frederic and have him come to our home.  I always finished the class feeling like I had a full workout that addressed many muscles in my body.
Frederic brought not only a wonderful disposition and positive attitude, but also a varied work out that kept things interesting and fun.
Frederic, you rock!”

Classes with the Personal Trainer can take place outdoors, at your home or in a location that we will determine together. The frequency of the sessions varies based on your objectives, your availability and your budget. Beyond the Personal Training sessions, if you would like to train alone in a gym, Frédéric can also write up a specific training program for you, one that can evolve over time.

The good news is that this additional program is offered free.

Coach Frederic is based in Mandelieu-La-Napoule. Personal Training sessions can of course take place in other locations in the Alpes-Maritimes region.

The sessions can take place either in English or French.