Small Group Training – CrossFit L-1 Trainer


You would like to train with your relatives or friends (max 10 people) to take advantage both of a small group emulation and share the cost?

Perfect, this solution is made for you.

Trainings can take place on varied places such as esplanades, beaches or fitness trails. These places are each more idyllic one from the other… But it doesn’t mean that it’s gonna be a sunbathe 😉

With small materiel such as Kettlebells, jump ropes and fitness mats, trainings focus on Cross Training, which aims at developing complete athletes by focusing on your physical capacities (endurance, agility, strength, flexibility, speed, coordination, balance…) to the maximum by using a variety of functional exercises derived from gymnastics, strengthening movements and high intensity cardiovascular training.

The coaches are graduates of CrossFit (CrossFit Level 1 Trainer) and also hold diplomas in other CrossFit specializations, including gymnastics, weightlifting, mobility and as CrossFit judges.  


Xfit Training WOD CrossFit Mandelieu Cannes outdoor 2Whatever your physical condition and age, whether you want to lose weight, strengthen your body, train for Spartan race, push your limits, have fun or improve your sport performances, we look forward to training with you.  

There were already people of more than 60 years old, women of more than 100kg, complete beginners who had never done any sport before or injured people. So, we’ll find a way with you. This is our job.


Ready to take the big step? Contact us directly via email at or by phone at +33 6 03 02 06 33






Xfit Training Testimonials: 

Brazilian Xfit Training CrossFit Mandelieu Cannes Sophia Antipolis Personal Training Personal Training Personal Trainer Sport Weight loss muscle strengthening performance monotoring Cross Training outdoor coaching healthCristiano, the Brazilian guy with a superhuman mental:

” I have more willingness to work more and feel less sleepy during the day. Furthermore I lost 7 kilos in two months of training and I am more confident.

Now I am stronger and I can do several exercises that were not possible two months ago. “

Sophie, athletics champion (translated into English):

French woman Xfit Training CrossFit Mandelieu Cannes Sophia Antipolis Personal Training Personal Training Personal Trainer Sport Weight loss muscle strengthening performance monotoring Cross Training outdoor coaching health“It’s been a little while since I’ve trained with XFIT TRAINING and I’m very satisfied. The adventure started during a sporting festival where I met Fred, who introduced me to XFIT TRAINING. I decided to give it a try.

Of course I fell in love with the program right away. Since I jog regularly, I only come to the class once a week. After several sessions, I realized that the two sports were complementary. The weightlifting sessions helped strengthen my body for running, especially for running Trail, increase my resistance during steep inclines, resistance for my race toning sessions, and when I go biking, hills are not as big a challenge as they once were. Clearly, XFIT TRAINING has helped me a lot.

Inversely, my jogging has helped my weightlifting sessions, I have a better cardio level, I can complete a series of workouts and I recuperate faster, I can move on to another exercise quicker. This is a great benefit of the program.

I also noticed a real difference in my physical condition. I am much stronger muscularly, which is important given that I suffer less during competitions, especially when running Trail. Given that I am more comfortable during my training sessions, I take on my competitions in a positive way, I have more peace of mind. Basically, I have honed both my physical and my mental. So the results are also very conclusive!! Just an excellent program!

XFIT TRAINING has become an important part of my life, and I can’t go without it. It’s as important as my jogging sessions…I’ve learned that success in one requires success in the other!

But that’s not all…XFIT TRAINING cheers me up, the group I train with is super fun, the atmosphere is great, and that is one of the best parts of the program. There is no rivalry between the people, even if we are a competitive bunch…When I go out jogging, my morale is incredibly high, I am more prepared to deal with my work week, and I am always looking forward to our next session…

To conclude, I’ll never forget my Coach, Fred, who is a very skilled trainer, one who knows how to motivate us while keeping in mind our level and abilities…The sessions are excellent, and while the theme changes each month, he maintains the classics so that we don’t lose what we’ve already gained. THANK YOU!!!!

XFIT TRAINING is the best and it’s going to be a part of my life for a very long time!


Stéphanie – the warrior:

Stéphanie Xfit Training CrossFit Mandelieu Cannes Sophia Antipolis Personal Training Perte de poids renforcement musculaire suivi sportif Cross Training WOD outdoor extérieurIt was while training for an obstacle race (the Spartan Race) that I noted that my physical condition wasn’t up to the level I thought it was.

While I’m a former athlete (dance conservatory, swimming, synchronised swimming, volleyball, sailing, capoeira dance), I was only able to exercise a couple of hours a week, and always had difficulty running 5km without stopping.

I ran the Spartan Race last year as part of a team, and had difficulty keeping up, was short of breath and lacked the right running techniques.

But given that I never give up, I challenged myself to keep up with the other runners and make it through all the obstacles during the next races.

And that is when I discovered Xfit Training during an open house at the gym.

I found being able to move through a circuit focusing on muscles, cardio and concentrating on technique very enjoyable, something that was missing in my life.

The Highlights:

The quality of the training: there are no errors, our coach really knows what he is doing, he knows how to teach and we can see he loves doing it. Fun, fun, fun!

The training format: it’s short but intense, a targeted warm-up on the parts where we’re going to work on (unfortunately something that gyms often neglect), a short challenge to warm up and a WOD to allow us to push our limits. We discover new exercises every week, we’re never bored and we never do the same thing!

Outdoor workouts: on the beach, in the port, on a health circuit… Outdoor workouts are good for the head and the lungs, especially given we need oxygen due to the WOD intensity. And if it rains, snows, if it’s windy or sunny, we’re always happy with the efforts we’ve given.

Training in small groups: we are just a few, which allows the coach to spend time explaining the exercises or correcting our movements, which is key if we want to improve.

The atmosphere: very friendly, it’s not overly serious but we work hard as everyone wants results.

The results: a firmer and more robust body and a more confident and competitive mind. I now register for 10km races. I was able to complete the Spartan Race trifecta (series of 5km – 13km – 21km races). On the other hand it is like a drug and I’m addicted – but what a great way to live!

Thanks coach!


Eric – looking for the right plan:

Xfit Training CrossFit Mandelieu Cannes Sophia Antipolis Personal Training Personal Training Personal Trainer Sport Weight loss muscle strengthening performance monotoring Cross Training outdoor coaching healthI have never really been physically active on a regular basis, but I’m pretty dynamic.

After a very active professional life (including physically), I changed professions about 10 years ago.

Since then I’ve been in front of my computer in the home all day.

I quickly realized that it wasn’t very good for my body – I gained weight, I was less toned, I was melting away.

I tried group exercise programs (50 participants) to get back in shape, but I didn’t enjoy them.

During a sports festival in Mandelieu in September, I met Frédéric and tried Xfit Training.

The first session almost killed me. I was exhausted and I hurt for like 5 days.

Nevertheless, I’ve returned once a week.

What I like: small groups, attentive coach, good atmosphere and the outdoors, but above all the fact that the program is always different.

And it’s fast – no time to fall asleep! The heart works as hard as the rest, and the program is very complete.

The physical benefits are great – burning fat, more toned posture, no slumped shoulders, mood and sleep are also much better.

I’ve felt the difference when skiing or going to the pool.

I would really like to participate twice a week.

I intend to stay with the group for a long time!